DG07_10_24_022.jpgRobert H. Sloan is a professor and head of the Department of Computer Science of
the University of Illinois at Chicago. He has published extensively in the areas of
computer security, theoretical computer science, and artificial intelligence. He received a
PhD in computer science from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.



Warner_Richard_250pxRichard Warner is a professor and Norman and Edna Freehling scholar at the Illinois
Institute of Technology Chicago-Kent College of Law, where he is the faculty director of
the Center for Law and Computers. He is the director of the School of American Law,
which has branches in Poland, Ukraine, and Georgia; editor-in-chief of Emerging
Markets: A Review of Business and Legal Issues
; and a member of the US Secret
Service’s Electronic and Financial Crimes Taskforce. He received a PhD in philosophy
from the University of California, Berkeley, and a JD from the University of Southern
California. His research interests include privacy, security, contracts, and the nature of
values and their relation to action.



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