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oing beyond current books on privacy and security, Unauthorized Access: The Crisis in Online Privacy and Security proposes specific solutions to public policy issues pertaining to online privacy and security. Requiring no technical or legal expertise, the book explains complicated concepts in clear, straightforward language.

The authors—two renowned experts on computer security and law—explore the well-established connection between social norms, privacy, security, and technological structure. This approach is the key to understanding information security and informational privacy, providing a practical framework to address ethical and legal issues. The authors also discuss how rapid technological developments have created novel situations that lack relevant norms and present ways to develop these norms for protecting informational privacy and ensuring sufficient information security.

Bridging the gap among computer scientists, economists, lawyers, and public policy makers, this book provides technically and legally sound public policy guidance about online privacy and security. It emphasizes the need to make trade-offs among the complex concerns that arise in the context of online privacy and security.

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•  Explains how to respond to the increasing unauthorized access to online information
•  Describes sophisticated technological, economic, legal, and public policy issues in plain English
•  Examines the crucial link between informational privacy and information security
•  Offers concrete suggestions for developing social norms needed to protect informational privacy and ensure adequate information security
•  Provides a practical framework in which ethical and legal issues about privacy and security can be effectively addressed


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